A plate of apricot kolaches, a traditional Hungarian Christmas cookie

Hungarian Christmas Cookies: Apricot Kolaches

With the holidays fast approaching, we can’t help but dream of cozy evenings in the kitchen, baking holiday goodies while the snow gently piles up outside. Hungarian Christmas cookies are one of our favorite ways to reconnect with our roots and traditions. One of our favorite recipes? Apricot kolaches. These tender flaky treats are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser at your festive gatherings and a staple for holidays to come. Read on to learn a bit more about Hungarian Christmas cookies and for the perfect traditional apricot kolache recipe. Continue Reading…

Four pieces of poppy seed strudel

Hungarian Desserts: Poppy Seed Strudel Recipe

From the popular Dobos cake to the Esterhazy torte, you’re probably aware that Hungarian desserts are world-famous and delightful. But have you heard about the simple mákos retes or poppy seed strudel, beloved by families throughout the country? Hungary has cooked and baked with the humble poppy seed for centuries, dating back to the Ottoman occupation in the 17th century. Popular in countries around the world, including India and parts of the Middle East, the ingredient found a special place in the hearts in Eastern European countries with poppy seed recipes like rolls, strudels and even noodles. 
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