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Healing Herbs For Skin: 7 Ancient Ingredients We Still Use Today

The tradition of using natural ingredients in skin care is as ancient as civilization itself. Throughout history, cultures from the banks of Egypt’s Nile to China’s dynasties have embraced spices and healing herbs to improve the appearance and scent of the skin as well as its health. These ingredients have played a vital role in beauty rituals for centuries. Today, this tradition continues, with many of these ancient ingredients remaining front and center in modern skin care products due to their proven effectiveness. Let’s delve into some of these enduring natural elements and their significance.

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A bowl of honey

Honey for the Face: What Is All The Buzz About?

Honey may be most commonly enjoyed as a sweet addition to tea and toast. But did you know that it has been used topically for centuries to address a wide range of skin issues, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties? Rich in antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, honey is one of nature’s purest and most healing salves. Read on to find out what honey does for your skin and how this golden nectar can sweeten up your skin care routine.

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What Is The Bakuchiol Plant?

Have you heard the buzz about bakuchiol? Touted as a natural form of retinol, it has entered the skin care chat and everyone is listening. This plant-based powerhouse offers many of the same skin benefits as conventional retinol, minus the harsh side effects. So, where does this botanical extract come from and what exactly does it do?

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Three orange lilikoi fruits sitting on a table

How To Eat Lilikoi

They say you are what you eat, and at Eminence Organics we are big believers in this age-old saying. A diet that includes fresh, organic produce can help you feel good and may even have an effect on the overall appearance of your skin. The lilikoi fruit, rich in Vitamin C as well as other vitamins and minerals, is a prime example of such a beneficial ingredient.
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Food for Glowing Skin

Are you dealing with tired, dull skin that’s practically begging for a pick-me-up? You’re probably on the hunt for new and refreshing skin care products, but your diet can also play a part in improving your complexion. 

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How Much Kombucha Should You Drink? Benefits of Kombucha

Ever wondered about the benefits of kombucha? This fermented beverage is taking the world by storm as a delicious health drink as well as a superfood ingredient in skin care products. Kombucha could improve gut health, promote a healthy immune system and, as a skin care ingredient, may help the skin’s microbiome flourish.

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7 Steps To Protect Against Sunlight On Your Skin

Do you regularly work outdoors for prolonged periods of time? Sunny days are fun and relaxing, but excessive sunlight on your skin can cause early signs of aging. If you’re not careful, the skin across your hands, face and body can become rough, dull, and dehydrated after long exposure to strong UV rays, heat, saltwater and chlorine. A worst case scenario is that excessive time in the sun can increase your chances of developing skin cancer. 

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