Eminence Certified Organic Farm

Farm To Face Skin Care

When you open a jar of moisturizer, you may wonder how its contents travelled from source to bathroom shelf. Are there natural ingredients in there? What if harmful chemicals are mixed in too? How was this processed? You’re not the only one asking these questions. More and more people want to know about skin care ingredients, where they come from and how products are manufactured. 

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Green succulent growing on the Eminence Certified Organic Farm

How To Grow Succulents From Cuttings

Succulents seem to be everywhere right now. From home and garden magazines to Instagram shots, these happy little green plants are trending – and for good reason! Hardy and easy to take care of, succulents are the plants that even those lacking a green thumb can appreciate. Read on to learn how to grow succulents from cuttings, and why we love them on the Eminence Certified Organic Farm. Continue Reading…