Person sewing together fabric by hand

Upcycling Ideas: 4 Easy Projects To Reduce Waste

We have no doubt that you’re familiar with the “three r’s”(reduce, reuse, recycle) but if you find yourself struggling to repurpose items, you’re not alone! To help you tackle this crucial step, we’ve pulled together some upcycling projects that you can pull off with ease. With these recommendations. you’ll be an upcycling pro in no time. Continue Reading…

Woman holding a potted plant while crouching in her garden

8 Plants That Are Hard To Kill

At the Eminence Certified Organic Farm, it’s no secret that we love plants of all shapes and sizes – but we also know that it can be tricky to get started. To help greenify your life, we’ve put together a list of eight plants that are hard to kill. These plants are known for being low-maintenance and are the perfect leafy additions for aspiring and experienced green thumbs alike. Continue Reading…

City of Budapest, Hungary

3 Days In Budapest: Our Itinerary

With so much to see and do, planning for three days in Budapest is essential when visiting this stunning city. At the Eminence Certified Organic Farm, we are proud of our heritage and adore our home base of Hungary. To help you plan your travels, we have narrowed down our top recommendations for the perfect three day holiday, including a trip to the farm. Read on for our guide to three days in Budapest, and let us know if you have – or will – be visiting! Continue Reading…

Green succulent growing on the Eminence Certified Organic Farm

How To Grow Succulents From Cuttings

Succulents seem to be everywhere right now. From home and garden magazines to Instagram shots, these happy little green plants are trending – and for good reason! Hardy and easy to take care of, succulents are the plants that even those lacking a green thumb can appreciate. Read on to learn how to grow succulents from cuttings, and why we love them on the Eminence Certified Organic Farm. Continue Reading…

Kitchen scrap plants sprouting at window sill

How To Regrow Fruits and Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps: Zero Waste Tip

You sliced, you chopped, you diced. Now you’re wondering what to do with that messy pile of kitchen scraps so you can minimize your trash. Sure, you can take all the leftover produce and create compost to feed your garden or container plants. Or, you can go waste free in a way that’s even more appealing: Regrow all that food. Why not hit that zero waste target for Earth Month and – bonus – save yourself a trip to the grocery store? Continue Reading…

Organic gift ideas with stone crop

Organic Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Updated November 14, 2018

‘Tis the season for DIY holiday gifts, and now’s the moment to plan the critical weeks we need to make our custom creations on time. Homemade gifts can add a spirit of thoughtfulness to festivities, reminding us what is truly at the heart of winter jubilation: letting those we love and care for know how special they are to us. Here are a few organic gift ideas for the holidays to help spark your DIY creativity, inspired by Eminence Organic Skin Care and ingredients grown right here on our Eminence Certified Organic Farm.

Continue Reading…