an eco-friendly gift for zero waste christmas

Zero Waste Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Here at Eminence Organic Skin Care, we’re committed year-round to finding earth-friendly and organic solutions to meet the needs of our business and customers. Our mission at the Eminence Certified Organic Farm is two-fold, both to enhance wellness through certified organic ingredients and do our part in healing the earth. 

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woman planting home garden

How To Create Organic Pesticides For Your Home Garden

The harmful effect that chemical pesticides have on our health, bodies and the environment is concerning. At Eminence Organic Skin Care, we pride ourselves on using organic and biodynamic farming methods to grow the purest ingredients to make our award-winning skincare products. Our natural and organic philosophy is important to us and if you’ve already made the switch to growing your own herbs and vegetables, we know it’s equally important to you. 

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person tending indoor organic herb garden

How To Grow Your Own Herb Garden Indoors

Let’s face it, growing herbs can be intimidating. There’s the worry they might die. There’s the feeling like it’s too much work or the classic excuse, “I don’t have a garden.” We get it. But, as a company that creates organic skin care products from fresh fruit, plants and vegetables, we love to champion the benefits of growing your own organic herbs, even if it’s indoors. 
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Top 3 Organic Vegetables To Grow In Winter

Feeling all doom and gloom now that winter has hit? Wondering if it’s even worth trying to grow something this season? It might surprise you to know that cold weather can actually be the perfect time for growing winter vegetables – you just need some tips of the trade. Continue Reading…

girl holding up beeswax food wrap

DIY Beeswax Food Wraps: A Plastic Wrap Alternative

Is plastic wrap getting in the way of your zero-waste kitchen? Beeswax food wraps are a planet-friendly alternative to disposable plastic cling wrap and can be used for everything from covering leftovers to storing organic produce. These sustainable food wraps are made of natural materials and can be rinsed and reused time and time again. Read on for our step-by-step guide to making DIY beeswax wraps from the comfort of your own kitchen. Continue Reading…

woman buying vegetables at farmers market

10 Tips For Shopping At Your Local Farmers Market

You can’t get much more local than your favorite farmers market. These sustainable marketplaces present a unique opportunity to meet the people who grow your food, connect with your community and explore organic, farm fresh produce. Read on for our guide to shopping at your local farmers market.

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mom and daughter in a pumpkin patch

How To Pick & Carve The Perfect Pumpkin

Fall is just around the corner which means it’s almost time to visit your favorite pumpkin patch. Whether you plan to bake a pie or carve a jack-o’-lantern, there is a right and a wrong way to pick the perfect pumpkin. Read on our tips for how to pick a pumpkin, carve a jack-o’-lantern and roast pumpkin seeds. Continue Reading…

Woman inspecting field while planting seeds

What Happens On An Organic Farm In The Spring?

Each season brings about a new stage and phase in the calendar at any farm, and spring is no exception. Typically considered to be the start of the growing season in the Northern Hemisphere, spring represents fresh beginnings for life on the farm. To dive into this topic, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking directly with three inspiring farmers to learn exactly what happens on an organic farm during the spring. Continue Reading…